The Republican Social Work Resources Center
collaborates with the next institutions:

  • UNICEF Moldova;
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Protection;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Ministry of Education;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • State University of Moldova;
  • State Pedagogical University “A.Russo”;
  • State Pedagogical University “I.Creanga”;
  • Bucharest University;
  • University “Al.Ioan Cuza” (Iasi);
  • Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca);
  • West University (Timisoara);
  • Institute of Quality of Life (Romanian Academy of Sciences);
  • Norwich University (Great Britain);
  • Applied Sciences University (Merseburg, Germany);
  • Lund, Linkoping, Stockholm Universities (Sweden);
  • European Institute of Social Work (Berlin, Germany);
  • Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA);
  • City University of New York (USA);
  • Institutions of Public Administration;
  • NGO that provide social services.

  • The Republican Social Work Resources Center is opened for collaboration
    with state and public organizations, with NGOs,
    with all interested in the problems of social work people.